UMD User Facilities

Maryland Nanocenter FABLAB

Description: The FabLab is a Class 1000 research cleanroom located in the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building. The lab supports research and development programs in nano science and technology, micro-electromechanical systems, semiconductors, materials and devices for electronics, bioscience and bioengineering, and sensor/actuator systems. FabLab is open to users from across the university community as well as government and industry.

Maryland Nanocenter AIMLAB

Description: The AIM Lab is dedicated to the characterization of the structure and composition of a broad spectrum of hard and soft materials and biological systems with nanometer resolution. These capabilities are used for research, and the teaching and training of students. The research performed in the laboratory is focused on the characterization of materials and structures in the areas of biomaterials, multifunctional and smart materials, nanostructured materials, nanodevices and geological materials.

Terrapin Works

Terrapin WorksURL:
Description: Terrapin Works is a collection of digital manufacturing resources provided as a service to the campus and surrounding community. These resources range from consumer grade 3D printers to high end production systems capable of creating complex parts in a variety of materials. Terrapin Works offers production & design services as well as access to equipment in our multitude of locations across campus.

Product Innovation & Realization Laboratory Suite  (PIRLS)

Contact: Majid Aroom  |  Email:

Description: The Product Innovation & Realization Laboratory Suite (PIRLS) is part of an initiative set forth by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland to further enhance the learning experience of students. PIRLS is a conglomeration of labs and the ME Machine Shop that took official form during the summer of 2006. PIRLS, located in room 0101 of the Engineering Lab Building (Building 089), is a set of teaching labs that provides capabilities and access to all students. Any student is welcome in the lab to work on projects or ask questions even if they are not an engineer. Our goal is to spread knowledge.

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